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Disc Golf

Disc golf is an individual sport that combines the rules of golf with throwing a flying disc (golf discs). While the sport has similarities to golf, the flight characteristics of the disc make for an entirely different challenge. With the option to change discs for each throw, from putters to midranges or drivers or even discs that go straight, left or right, the fun factor increases.

The sport has a number of benefits over golf including:

  • easy to learn - even young children can grasp the concepts
  • suitable from the ages of 10 to 95, as well as for less able-bodied players
  • cheap to play - you only need one disc, costing under $20 each.
  • most courses are free to play as they are located in public parks
  • more environmentally friendly - the course requires no watering of greens, fairways etc.

Playing disc golf is simple. To begin a hole, throw from behind the tee-off line toward the target. Take your next throw from where the disc comes to rest, and repeat until you have competed the hole. Count your throws, and repeat on the next hole until you have completed the round. Your score is your total number of strokes, plus any penalties (e.g. for throwing into water or out-of-bounds).
You can find the complete rules of Disc Golf at the PDGA website, or the basic rules for recreational play at this link.

You can find a listing of courses to play around Queensland on our disc golf courses page.

For more information about disc golf in Queensland, contact or visit the Yahoo! Group page.
You can also visit the Australian Disc Golf (ADG) website, or find the Brisbane Disc Golf Club on Facebook.

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